Choosing the best books for entrepreneurs offers an embarrassment of riches. So many great titles, so little time! But if we must select just a handful, these would be on our list:

Linchpin by Seth Godin

Seth Godin is something of a legend in penning books about business and marketing. That’s because he knows what he is talking about and his book deliver the goods. In Linchpin, he offers the premise that a third distinct group has emerged within companies that adds dimension to the traditional “management” and “labor.”

He calls them Linchpins. Godin defines this group as people who “invest, lead, make things happen and produce order” when chaos arises.

Linchpin is a substantive and absorbing read.

Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

Mr. Hsieh was the founder of the Zappos shoe selling company that leveraged innovative online marketing strategies to achieve amazing success. A central premise of Hsieh is that “happiness” should be a core value of the company, both for employees and in terms of customer satisfaction.

Hsieh died tragically in a house fire in 2020. By some accounts, he was a troubled person and, ironically, not so happy himself. However, when examining his business skills and ideas, one can’t argue with success. Delivering Happiness is a must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Rework by Jason Fried and David Hansson

The author purports to show readers a “better, faster and easier way” to get ahead in business. Their premise is that “all the other” business riders are hacking away on the same old topics, such as “writing a business plan” and “courting investors.”

Yes, these authors make the bold assertion that a business plan may actually damage your chances of success and that sucking up to cash-rich investors can create more problems than they solve.

For a real contrarian take on business success, give Rework a read.

Smarter, Faster, Cheaper by David Siteman Garland

This book is subtitled: “Non-boring, fluff-free strategies for marketing and promoting your business.” Like Rework mentioned above, this book offers a new kind of approach to business success that breaks a lot of molds.

The author uses case study examples of exciting entrepreneurs like “Nametag Guy” Scott Ginsberg and self-made wine magnate Gary Vaynerchuck to show all of the rest of us how we can leapfrog our way to fast business success.